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Articles about the Team

     08/11/2014 - Gainesville Sun 
     AP Physics offered for first time to select county eighth-graders


     10/04/2013 - Gainesville Sun 
     Trust fund will help buoy BHS 'mathletes'


     08/30/2013 - Gainesville Sun 
     Bucholz adds chemistry to program for brightest eigth-graders


     08/23/2012 - Gainesville Sun

     Math Team Donates Shirts


     05/27/2012 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz math team and Duval Elementary: A winning formula


     01/21/2012 - Gainesville Sun
     Over 500 students crowd Buchholz for math regionals


     07/25/2010 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz Eyes 4th National Math Title


    04/16/2010 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz math team tries to win 6th state championship

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