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Articles about Recent Competitions

     04/19/19- Gainesville Sun


     07/16/18 - Gainesville Sun

     Buchholz math aces outscore competition again


     04/17/2016 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz wins 12th state match


     07/24/2015 - Gainesville Sun 
     For 9th year in a row, Buchholz is national math champ


     05/1/2015 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz triples its presence in prestigious math olympiad


     04/19/2015 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz continues impressive streak of math title


     04/16/2015 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz aims for 11th straight state math title


     07/25/2014 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz math team wins 8th national titles in a row, eclipses 200 trophies for first time


     07/19/2014 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz competes for eighth straight national math title


     04/14/2014 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz math team finds winning formula for 10th title


     04/10/2014 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz vies for 10th straight state math title


     07/26/2013 - Gainesville Sun 
     Buchholz wins seventh straight national math title


     07/20/2013 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz math team seeks 7th straight national title this week


     04/21/2013 - Gainesville Sun
     1 math team + 177 trophies = 9 state titles for Buchholz


     04/17/2013 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz math team hopes to keep streak alive


     07/13/2012 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz math team dominates to win sixth straight national title


     07/07/2012 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz goes for sixth straight national math title


     04/22/2012 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz makes it 8 straight math titles


     07/22/2011 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz math team wins fifth national title


     04/17/2011 - Gainesville Sun
     Buchholz claims record seventh straight state title

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